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There are many quests in Dishonored 2 where you can find a lot of vendors in the Black Market. In fact, they are one of the most interesting vendors in general as you can get some pretty cool stuff out of it like weapon upgrades, locked door keys, intelligence reports and more again. Also, it is possible to loot them, meaning you will get all their inventory for free and then you can also find where they keep your stuff and get extra cash and bonus items. However, this is certainly easier said than done, as each robbery has different requirements and things you have to do. Some of them are very hard while others, not so much. Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the different requirements throughout the missions to properly rob the black market. before you decide to rob the place because those upgrades can’t be stolen which means you won’t be able to get them.

Mission 2: Edge of the World

Dishonored 2 - how to rob every black marketThe first Black Market that will appear in Dishonored 2 will be in the second quest titled “Edge of the World”. Hers, you’ll need to get the back room key to do a proper heist. Luckily, the path to the salesman’s back room was right behind him, which made it easy. However, finding the key is not easy, first, you will have to go to the virus-infected building on the rooftop, where you can receive a quest from Mindy Blanchard. Once you get inside, take the stairs and then you need to go through a huge wall there and into the room with the piano. Then climb onto the shelf blocking the door and keep going up until you find an infected room. There’s going to be a lot of bad stuff out there, so make sure it’s out before doing anything. The key to the black market will be inside an old aquarium, so be sure to smash it to get it.Read more: How to Draw Anakin Skywalker | Top Q&AN Now that you have it, go back there and open the door and it’s there, everything will be yours.

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Mission 4: The Clockwork Mansion

The second black market that you will find is in the fourth mission of the game. However, to get there, you will need some explosives to be able to go through the dense brick wall. Having said that, the first thing you need to do is find the semi-building near the beggar, up the stairs of the Black Market. Now, you need to get over it and here’s how.

  • First, go to the left of the Black Market, there will be an alley with black pipes. From there, climb them until you reach the balcony. Be sure to cross the balconies with some of your abilities.
  • Then keep going up and you’ll see an open door at the top where you need to go. However, keep in mind that there will be a few enemies that you need to deal with before that.
  • In the basement itself, you’ll run into two people who also want to blow up the brick wall. Of course, this isn’t work you’re going to want to do with anyone, so just take them out and then find a container of whale oil.
  • Normally you should be able to find this in the Terminal, However, there will be some guards there, so be sure to prepare yourself before going there. Once you get out, get Whale Oil from there and go back to where you killed the two guys.
  • Take some time to properly prepare the bomb and then when it’s ready blow all three boxes there and you’ll be able to get inside. It is very important to blow all three of them because otherwise you will not be able to rush into the wall.

Mission 5: Royal Conservatory of Music

Dishonored 2 - how to rob every black marketThe fifth quest also has a Black Market and it’s near the start of the quest. However, to get inside is a bit difficult, first you have to turn right and look through the window when entering the Black Market room because there will be a red chain. However, since it cannot be reached by hand, you will have to use an arrow to break it. Then you need to get the spinning wheel against the back wall and bring the wheel down to the red post near the canal gate, finally, attach the wheel and spin it, this will allow you to enter the market. mentioned, this is pretty hard to do, so you might want to watch a few videos before actually doing it. Of course, no matter how you approach this, remember to complete the side quests first as things can get pretty tricky.

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Mission 6: Dust District

Read more: How to turn an oversized shirt into a dress This Black Market is located on Valia Street, in the Neutral territory. However, unlike previous places, you will need a special passcode to open this place and get inside. As you can imagine, getting your hands on this code wouldn’t be a walk in the park. Let’s see how to get it, the first thing you need to do is go into the seller’s apartment. In fact, it won’t be easy but the only way to do this is to brake the citadel. To do that, you have to slide down the hole in the brick wall to the right of the black market. Enter the alley and look through the window until you see a wooden plank door. When you find then, try to shoot at them so they break. Once you’re inside, look for the calendar on the wall and look for the following numbers: 4 and 28. The second number will be circled in red, so it’s subject to change as there may be future updates to the game. play this. Go back to the locked door below the apartment and put the code there. Then just come in and rob the spot.

Mission 8: Royal Palace

Dishonored 2 - how to rob every black marketThe next quest to have a Black Market in it is eight one. However, you’ll need to get multiple items to crack the code here and break into it. Having said that, the first thing to do is find the Winslow Lock Shoppe located somewhere across the street. After you find it, here’s how to get inside the Black Market.

  • First, get the code log from the back corner of the Winslow Lock store. Just look around a bit and you should be able to find it eventually.
  • You will then have to use the code to open the tailgate around the back right outside of the store. As soon as you get there, there will be a woman who will have the Delivery Boat Key. There are two ways for you to get it – either steal it or just kill her and rob it.
  • Once done, head back to the beach and unlock the cargo hold so you can get into the ship. Once you get inside, there will be a signing machine that you need to use.
  • When you’re done, go back to the area where you got the Delivery Lady’s key and then knock on the door. When he asks you the answer, just give him the answer
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As you can see, some black markets are a lot harder to find than others. However, if you give yourself enough time, it should be enough to deal with the problems. Read more: how to create a pareto chart in an animation

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