How To Cancel Your RCN Internet Subscription

RCN is a major supplier to the greater East Coast region and beyond. They provide internet, home phone, and cable services and are sometimes the only option for people living in the smaller areas of New York, Boston, Chicago, and the Philadelphia area. cancellation. If you need help canceling your RCN internet service, you’ve come to the right place. Read: how to cancel rcn Like any business, RCN won’t be easy, so you have to be diligent and knowledgeable when it comes to canceling. your internet package.RCN_Logo

Why Cancel RCN?

While it performed well in our RCN review, this ISP is not for everyone. Although RCN is a large internet service provider (ISP), it operates mainly in areas where there is stiff competition from companies like Comcast, where it can sometimes provide cheaper internet service. or faster. On the other hand, some customers are frustrated with steadily rising prices and hidden “pricing plan” changes. When asked about this increase, she was told that there had been a “change in pricing structure” and that her modem and rented router were now more expensive.

  • Customer support issues
  • Monthly price increase
  • Speed ​​is lower than advertised

If you’ve decided to cancel an RCN, be sure to evaluate your options and see if you can reach an agreement on the RCN Internet before rushing to cancel. You will need an “attack plan”. Below you will find all the steps you need to safely cancel your RCN internet plan at no extra cost.

3 practical steps to cancel RCN Internet

When it comes to canceling your internet service, no matter who your ISP is, they usually won’t go down without a fight. Their maintenance department is trained to keep unhappy customers from leaving, so they will do what they can to make you stay with RCN. cable package. Many call cancelers claim that they received a call from RCN after canceling and trying to retrieve the call.

1. Call the Retention Department

When calling RCN, they will first ask you for the 10-digit phone number associated with your account, so be prepared. must listen to the robot menu. Select the option to cancel or downgrade your service. This will connect you to the retainer. These are the people who can permanently cancel your service. To double-check that you’ve landed in the right place, you should ask a customer service representative to confirm that you’re talking to storage. If you’re talking to someone in another department such as sales or technical support, your call will take longer. .

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2. Prepare an apology

Once connected to the retention department, you will need to have a solid reason prepared so that the retention agent will have a hard time navigating around. As mentioned earlier, RCN will not make it easy for you to cancel. The agent is trained to keep you from leaving. That’s why it’s called “maintain” and not “discard”. For no safety reason, the RCN agent will offer alternatives such as “downgrade”, urging you to “save by packing” or giving you a discount on your RCN to tempt you to stay. For example, if you say something like, “I’m moving house,” the agent will ask you, “Where are you going?” And the cycle continues. They will look up your new address, and if they cover that area, sales pitches will keep coming.

  • “I moved in with a new roommate, and they had [provider]. “
  • “I’m changing jobs and my employer will pay for my services.”
  • “I got a teaching job in another country, and I’m moving there.”

Normally, if you give one of the above reasons, the sales representative will oblige and cancel your service upon request, without further solicitation of sales or calls to request your return. . Of course, these are just examples, if you can come up with something similar, feel free to use it (and don’t forget to let us know – we’d always love to hear what works best)!

3. Confirm your cancellation

The entire cancellation process can take up to 30 minutes. It’s appalling to see that after being said to “cancel”, your service is actually never canceled and you have to call again. To avoid this, ask the representative to confirm that your service has been cancelled. If you ask them to cancel at a certain date in the future, confirm that the cancellation date is correct. You should also confirm with the representative whether you need to return any RCN equipment.

Avoid additional fees when canceling RCN

Many customers fear that, if they cancel, they will be slapped with unexpected cancellation fees, breach of contract fees, overdue payment fees and more. Let’s look at the different fees associated with RCN and how you can avoid them.

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No Contract Plan – No Early Termination Fee with RCN

Thankfully, RCN offers all of their internet packages on a no-contract basis. That means absolutely no early termination fees when you cancel with RCN. One thing you may have to keep in mind is confirming that your service was indeed canceled by the retention specialist you spoke with. If your service is not canceled properly, you may receive another bill. If you do not pay that bill, you will be charged a late fee.

You must return the RCN device immediately

Beware of unreturned or lost device charges; RCN’s policy states that you must return the device ASAP upon cancellation, without giving you even a week to do so. In RCN’s terms of service, they state: “[The] customer must return all equipment immediately upon termination of service… Failure to do so will result in the determination of a charge based on RCN’s current fee schedule, which will be due immediately for payment. ie. “As you can see, you must return your device immediately. Read more: How to draw Smoke? This is why it is important to confirm this step with a retention specialist when you are canceling. Ideally, you should return the device to the RCN store on the same day of cancellation.

How to reduce your bill with RCN if you can’t cancel

If RCN is the only ISP in your area, you’ll find that it’s not reasonably possible to cancel your service entirely. Cutting ties with them may not be possible. If you don’t want to be completely without Wi-Fi, there are other ways you can save money on your internet bill with RCN.

“Cut the cord” with cable

Cutting the cord is becoming a widely popular way to save money as streaming services become more and more dominant. Of course, if you need NFL or some other channel that will significantly increase your streaming costs, then cutting the cord might not be right for you. Also, some customers with big savings plans with RCN may find that the savings are negligible, in which case there is a way to reduce your internet bill without canceling cable.

Negotiate lower prices with RCN

That’s right: if you don’t like RCN’s plans and pricing, you can simply negotiate a lower price with RCN. If the main reason for canceling your service is the high price, you can negotiate a lower price with a simple phone call. you get a percentage of new customers. If RCN is the only ISP in your area, you can’t threaten them to switch to another internet provider; they know which providers cover where you live. If they are not the only ISP, the threat of cancellation is very effective. Tell them you will cancel if they don’t lower your price to new customers in your area. (It varies from city to city) If bargaining and haggling isn’t your thing, there’s one more way you can lower your rates instead of canceling your service.

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Cancel RCN and re-register under another name

The easiest way to get the best rates with RCN is to cancel your service and restart it in someone else’s name. Ways to reduce your rate. Some customers said they told the depository agent directly that they would cancel and register in their wife’s name if they didn’t reduce their bill and the customer had no consequences. significantly. However, if you don’t have a roommate, this way of reducing your bill is not an option.

End your RCN subscription today

It doesn’t have to be that difficult to cut off your internet service with RCN. If you follow the simple steps we outlined above, you can get rid of the RCN in no time! Of course, if all you need is a lower price, it’s still possible through negotiation! If you want to see new RCN customer rates or search for a new internet provider in your area, navigate to our Address Level Search tool to find the ISP that offers local coverage You live! Read more: How to make cornstarch

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