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In RUST, a player’s best friend is his properly set up Auto Turret

Whether you can’t go online to defend your base or you need an extra gun to cover the defense avenue, knowing how to set up an auto turret in RUST will give you an extra layer of protection. in his base or in raids. While offline, in addition to farming or having your hands full for other quests, well-placed auto turrets will act as staunch defenders of your base, often dependable more reliable than your teammates. Auto turrets in RUST are essential tools for automatic base defense.Use automatic turrets as a line of defense

A fully set up auto turret can provide:

  • Secure your base while you’re offline
  • Added defense in online raids
  • Safe from counterattackers
  • Keeping the Peace

Once upon a time, automatic turrets were an established and neglected component of base defense. Put a turret down, turn it on and as long as it has ammo it will keep firing. Things have changed since those difficult days. Turrets now require a weapon of your choice and a constant power source to maintain 100% uptime. These changes don’t make the turrets any less useful, just a little more difficult to prepare by making pre-requests.

There are several steps required to set up the auto turret correctly.

  • Get blueprints
  • Collecting materials
  • Crafting & Location
  • Choose a weapon
  • Power supply
  • Reload & Repair
  • Pairing with the RUST . app
  • Get blueprints

    There are four ways for you to engage with the auto turret blueprint, each with benefits and limitations. Once you have the auto turret shards in hand, you can learn the blueprints at the research desk for 500 shards.


    The safest way for you to get an auto turret is to buy a turret from the vending machine at the outpost for 400 scraps. If you’ve reached out to the outpost to purchase a turret, you should bring 500 additional scraps for on-site research. If you feel confident enough to bring 900 scraps to the outpost, this is the safest and fastest method to get hold of the blueprints.Buy Auto Turrets from Outpost Monument

    Supply decreases

    Without a doubt, the highest drop rate container for an auto turret is the supply. If you hear a cargo plane overhead, watch where it’s going and wait for supplies to appear and then deploy the parachute. These benefits make the pursuit of reduced supply worthwhile. However, reducing the supply will almost always be hotly contested by other players, making it a dangerous undertaking.

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    Barrels and scientists

    Locked barrels, oil rigs, and other monuments have a 2% chance of containing the auto turret. Turrets can also appear in elite and military crates with a 1% chance. Heavy scientists and protective petroleum scientists have a negligible 0.1% chance. Read more: How to remove mpc . searchFind auto turrets from scientist and crateLocked crate events take time after being activated and will appeal to both players and NPC guardians. Since the chance of auto turret dropping is low, Scientist Route and crate are high risk vs low probability of finding auto turret.

    Trade with players

    Many established players on the map are willing to trade auto turrets for scraps or other desired base components. Search for player-run shops on the map or ask in the public chat.

    Collect documents

    The auto turret requires a aiming computer, a CCTV camera and 10 high quality metal. You can find targeting computers and CCTV cameras in most bins for a relatively low rate. Their highest drop rate is the barrel dropped from the APC Bradley, followed by the small and large Oil Rig’s lock barrel, the lock barrel, the elite and military grade crate. High-quality metal is found by mining metal buttons or by recycling other components.

    Crafting & Arrangement

    To craft the auto turret requires a level 2 workbench. Once you’ve built the auto turret, you’ll need to find an optimal location for the turret. While it may be tempting to place it outside, turrets automatically find their value in controlling single attack directions. a turret. If the turret is in a position that the player can get close to or behind, the turret can easily take them down. When you select a turret on the hotbar, you will see a marker for its position. You must place the turret on a flat surface, with the barrel facing in the direction you want the turret to fire. Once powered up, the turret rotates back and forth in a 45-degree arc. When its laser passes near a player, the turret will start firing.Set automatic turrets in RUSTOnce the turret has engaged the player, the turret will follow the player’s direction, even if they run out of its detection range. If a player exits its line of sight, it will stop firing once it has missed three shots. In this case, the player tries to consume the turret’s ammunition. Turrets will preserve ammo by preventing firing and to counter exploits, they are often refunded for missed shots. to shoot to get the right of the turret. Before turning on the power, ask your teammates to approach the turret and press E on it. If you believe someone is not supposed to have the right, you can hold down the E key to see the options wheel and choose to remove all other players. Just remember this will delete everyone including yourself, so get permission back before turning it on.

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    Choose a weapon

    Setting up the automatic turret requires placing the weapon in the turret gear. Turrets used to be equipped with Automatic Rifles but now have a module slot that holds the weapon of your choice. Depending on the role you want the turret to fulfill, the weapon you choose for the location will be determined. Regardless of the optimal range of the gun you choose, the automatic turret will detect and start firing at a range of about 25-30 meters.

    Power supply

    To set up the automatic turret now requires ten electricity to operate; this means that the auto turret can be powered even by a small battery. Although it is a negligible amount of electricity, the most significant difficulty is maintaining that current. A powered auto turret drains power, a small battery will need to be constantly recharged by a generator, solar panel or wind turbine. a trigger that will turn on when the player approaches. When you consider this an option, you will need an electrical manual that includes the igniters to set up the auto turret properly.Powering the Auto Tower in RUSTYou can run electricity directly into the turret or to a switch in the base that activates the turret. Electricity can also run out of the turret. Outlets are activated when the turret is about to run out of ammo and completely empty. These sockets allow you to set up the turret automatically to power lights or smart components, notifying you of the turret’s status without having to look at it directly.

    Reloading and Repairing

    First, take down the auto turret to reload. If there is no power, the turret will retract, allowing the player to supply the tower automatically or change the player’s permissions. You can just fill the auto turret with whatever ammunition your chosen weapon requires. When there is no power, the auto turret can also switch the turret between invasion and peacekeeping modes. When in peacekeeping mode, the auto turret will only fire at players who have recently joined PVP. You can repair the turret with a hammer at the expense of high-quality metal. It can also be repaired at a high quality metal repair bench, CCTV and targeting computer.

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    Pairing with the RUST . app

    Once you’ve learned to pair your RUST apps with your facility’s smart components, they can be activated or turned on even when you’re offline. Connect whatever power you’re running to the turret via a smart unit, then name it something memorable so you can activate and deactivate it via your smartphone, your tablet or browser.

    Dynamic and automatic protection is your most reliable line of defense

    Once you know how to set up the auto turret correctly, you will be able to control the defense and attack paths while handcuffed or even offline. You’ll become more familiar with weapon placement and selection by experimenting with the base design of your choice. So get your hands on a few auto turrets and put them down. The optimal position depends on your choice of base and the role you want the turret to play. Do you sleep with shotguns repeatedly? How you set up and apply auto turrets in RUST is entirely up to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with placement and weapon selection. Read more: how long does it take to get dark after sunset

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