how to turn off keyboard sound samsung

Video How to turn off samsung keyboard sound There are two types of people: those who like the keyboard typing sound on smartphones and those who don’t. If you’re in the latter group, you can easily disable keyboard sound on Android and iPhone, where it’s enabled by default. Let’s learn how to disable keyboard sounds for Gboard, SwiftKey, Samsung and Apple keyboards.Also read:7 best third-party keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad users7 best third-party keyboard apps for iPhone and iPad users

How to turn off keyboard sound on Android

1. Turn off keyboard sound on Gboard

1. Open the Gboard keyboard settings by following the method above or launch any app where you can use the Gboard keyboard to access the settings quickly. Tap the Settings icon at the top of the keyboard. Alternatively, open the App Drawer on your phone and tap “Gboard.” 2. Tap “Options” in Gboard settings. Scroll down and turn off the switch next to “Sound on keypress”. If you want, you can lower the keypress volume instead of turning it off completely. To do that, tap on the “Volume on keypress” option and adjust it to your needs. On the same screen you will be able to disable keyboard vibration. To do that, turn off the switch next to “Haptic feedback on keypresses”. You can also adjust the intensity of the vibration if you decide to turn it on.

2. Turn off keyboard sound on SwiftKey

1. Open theSwiftKey keyboard settings. You can do that in many ways. First, open the SwiftKey keyboard in any app. Tap the Settings icon on your keyboard. That will take you to the keyboard settings. You can also open the list of apps on your phone and tap “SwiftKey” from there. Inside the SwiftKey settings, tap “Sounds and vibrations.” Turn off the switch next to “Volume on key press”. Similar to Gboard, you can increase or decrease the volume when you press a key using the built-in slider if you want to keep it on. Interestingly, SwiftKey also allows you to change the keyboard sound from the Keypress sound profile. And if you also want to disable vibration for SwiftKey, turn off the toggle next to “Use default Android vibration” and “Vibrate on keypress”.

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3. Turn off keyboard sound on Samsung keyboard

Read more: How to highlight: We reduce glare by highlighting the steps to turn off sound or vibration for Samsung keyboards are a bit different as you will see below. However, if you are using Gboard or SwiftKey on a Samsung Galaxy device, follow the steps mentioned above. Launch Settings on your Samsung phone. Tap “Sounds and Vibrations,” then “Control Vibration/System Sounds.” 3. Turn off the switch next to “Samsung Keyboard” in the Sound section. If you also want to turn off vibration, turn off the switch in the Vibrate section for “Samsung Keyboard”.Tips: if you are a Samsung keyboard user, learn how to change the color of your Samsung keyboard.

How to turn off keyboard sound on iPhone

Usually, we just want to turn off the keyboard sound for a short period of time. Let’s say you’re in a place where you don’t want other people to hear the keypress sound. In such cases, you can mute the keyboard sound by using the physical mute button on your phone. It should be on the left edge of your phone. Simply push it to the back of your phone to enable Silent mode. As you may have guessed, while this method is useful in the interim, it will mute all sounds on your phone. You won’t even get a notification or a ringing sound, so use it wisely.

Turn off Apple keyboard sound on iPhone

If you don’t like the keypress sound of your Apple keyboard and want to disable it all the time, you can do so from Settings as shown below. Open Settings on your iPhone. Read more: how to wrap fishing rod 2. Go to “Sounds & haptics”. Scroll down and turn off the switch next to Keyboard clicks. Similarly, check out other useful settings for the iOS keyboard.

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Turn off Gboard keyboard sound on iPhone

Gboard does not provide dedicated sound settings on iPhone. But if you follow the above method for Apple keyboard, it will also disable the Gboard key click sound. However, for many users, myself included, doing so does not disable the Gboard sound. So what’s the solution? Just restart your iPhone after disabling Keyboard Clicks setting and that should do the trick. To do so, open Settings on your iPhone and go to “General -> Keyboard -> Keyboard”. Click on “Gboard”. Turn off the switch for “Allow Full Access”. Wait for a few seconds and turn it back on.

Turn off SwiftKey key press sound on iPhone

1. Open the SwiftKey app on your iPhone. Click Install. Turn off the switch for “Key click sound”. To disable vibration, turn off the toggle for “Primary Haptic Feedback”.

frequently asked Questions

1. How to get keyboard clicks back?

Just repeat the steps mentioned in the above methods and turn on the switch next to the sound option.

2. Can I change the keyboard sound on iPhone and Android?

You cannot use other keypress sounds on iPhone. However, you can do so on Android using the SwiftKey keyboard.

3. Why is my keyboard so loud?

You may have increased the sound on key press in your Android phone’s keyboard settings. Navigate to your keyboard’s sound settings as shown above and turn the volume down. On iPhone, the volume of keystrokes corresponds to the phone’s volume settings. If you decrease the overall volume via the button on the left side of the phone, the volume when the key is pressed will decrease as well. Likewise, if you increase the volume via the button on the left, the volume when the key is clicked will increase.

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Try new keyboard

Now that you know how to turn off keypress sounds on Android and iPhone, learn how to use a physical keyboard with an Android phone. You should also check out the best Gboard alternatives and Android keyboard to help you write better. Read more: how to make gfx roblox without blender

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