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The guide to Mystic Messenger Zen will make sure you collect the maximum number of hearts possible from your red-eyed girl and unlock the Zen route. up on the Zen route at the end of weekdays in Normal Story mode. Read: mystical messengers how to get a meditation route We haven’t listed every possible conversation in Mystic Messenger here; there are plenty of other people joining in Day 1 to Day 4, but they don’t have a chance to earn hearts for the Zen route. You don’t need to access every chat we’ve listed here to unlock the Zen route, so don’t worry about it at 3:03, for example. However, if you are going to use HG and unlock missed chats, you can see which ones are important at a glance. In general, the longer the chat, the more hearts you earn. While you should try to engage in conversations other than those listed below, don’t worry too much about making the “wrong” choices in those conversations; As long as you spread your heart around other characters, you won’t change your ending. Cross-reference with our 1-4 through Weekday and Insightful Talk time schedules to see where email opportunities pop up if you want to know which ones are particularly worth signing in for. our Zen path end and instructions page for detailed help with Zen roadmap, or update Mystic Messenger Zen roadmap chat schedule for less detailed instructions. Read more: how to create a pie chart in illustratorNeed more help with Zen? Visit our Mystic Messenger Zen hub for more resources related to the world’s most handsome and talented actor. Zen route is only available in Normal mode.mystic_messenger_walkthrough_guide_zen_route_casualRead more: how to install a purple martin house

Prologue (Day 0)

  • 1: Show yourself first. I am the most confused here…
  • 2: I’m confused too. I connected with a stranger through a messaging app and he sent me the address.
  • 3: Yes. I do not know anything.
  • 4: just got it @ app store…
  • 5: (any)
  • 6: (any)
  • 7: (any)
  • 8: (any)
  • 9: I don’t really care,
  • 10: (any)
  • 11: (any)
  • 12: (any)

1 day

Day 1 – 04:35 1: Hello, Zen 2: My heart beats fast too. 3: Whuut… Perv… 4: You can hang out with me. / Why did it take so long? Day 1 – 08:00 1: Hello. 2: What are you doing Zen? 3: (any) 4: omfg… / Jumin is scary ;; 5: It is better to treat people like real people than to be so strict. 6: Can we change the subject? 7: Goodbye, lovely Zen ^^ Day 1 – 15:00 1: (any) 2: Are you okay? 3: (any) 4: (any) 5: (any) Day 1 – 18:58 1: Zen, you are on. 2: Why? 3: Why do I have to prove my worth to anyone? 4: First, I intend to try my hand at it. 5: I’m still not sure… I’ll just do it for now, I guess. 6: Continue Zen. Day 1 – 21:50 1: Zen, you still haven’t slept? 2: I tend to. 3: I’m so excited for all the things to come. 4: Good haha ​​5: (any) 6: (any) 7: I’ll go to bed early. Day 1 – 23:15 1: I’m sleepy… 2: Just waiting… 3: I’ll think about it, 4: I’m curious about Zen. 5: ^^ 6: (any)

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Day 2

Day 2 – 03:03 1: Zen, what’s going on? 2: What are you doing. 3: You must feel good. 4: Does your popularity have anything to do with your having a girlfriend? 5: That might be best for both of you. 6: Sounds like you want a girlfriend. 7: It won’t go away. 8: Good luck~ Day 2 – 12:43 1: It’s the infamous 707! 2: lolol, you’re pretty complete about yourself 3: Zen, hello. 4: You don’t like cats? 5: I think it’s abuse… 6: (any) 7: Goodbye. 8: What do you think he meant? 9: (any) 10: Okay. thank you for your attention. Day 2 – 15:00 1: (any) 2: (any) 3: Hello, Zen~! 4: (any) 5: Someone must know that I joined RFA. 6: I’m a bit scared.. T_T 7: I think it will be fun. I hope we can party again. 8: (any) 9: I’m so grateful he took care of me.. 10: (any) 11: See you, Zen. Day 2 – 19:02 1: Zen, are you done? 2: (any) 3: You must start a new work ~ Congratulations. 4: lololol good for you 5: I think it will work for you. 6: Do you want me to help you practice your lines? 7: Anytime ^^ Day 2 – 20:05 1: Zen, are you practicing your lines? 2: (any) 3: Sounds good. [Unlocks email] 4. Looking forward to your great performance.

Day 3

Day 3 – 00:00 1: Zen, you wake up pretty late. 2: I think she’s your fan. 3: I’m your fan ^^ 4: I’m not really sure ^^ 5: A reasonable woman 6: But if he wasn’t talented, his good looks might have worked against him he. 7: (any) 8: How has V helped you? 9: You don’t have a good relationship with Jumin? 10: Good night, Zen. Day 3 – 07:30 1: Ah… I’m starting to feel faint. 2: You are the best in that field. 3: So childish… 4: (any) Day 3 – 12:15 1: Zen, you are here. 2: Master, you’re here. 3. Handsome ~ 4: Oh no ~ 5: Oh, Jaehee, you just got in. 6: More people are coming. 7: (any) 8: Do you have a DVD? 9: Aren’t you going to go play games now? 10: I guess V has his own idea of ​​the party. 11: Goodbye. Day 3 – 15:30 1: I want to see you take a bath… 2: I hope he becomes more like you, Zen. 3: Maybe they want you to model for them because you are so handsome? 4: Hello Jaehee. 5: I guess you focus more on women than hobbies, Zen. 6: What’s wrong with being busy? Love is more important. 7: Oh… So romantic!! 8: I want to fall in love… 9: (any) 10: I guess you are not an innocent girl lolol 11: He will add. lol Day 3 – 17:56 1: Yoosung, hello. 2: You won’t feel lonely if you play as a team. 3: What did you do during the data period? 4: I think being a game addict suits you better than coffee. 5: How to reduce your gaming hours… 6: Hello, lovely Zen. 7: Zen, do you have something to play? 8: (any) 9: Invite that group to the party! [Unlocks email.] 10: You look better than a model! 11: Why do you have to be selfish to look this handsome? 12: Zen, goodbye ^^ Day 3 – 21:15 1: (any) 2: Hello, Zen ~ 3: You wouldn’t feel as if you were being controlled by someone would you? 4: Try another hobby ^^ 5: Zen, have you ever acted in a locked situation? 6: lolololololol What is it? lolololololol 7: lolololololol I want to see that play. 8: Me too… 9: I’ll go alone. 10: I think you will do well at anything Zen. 12: Zen, good luck with your work ^^ Day 3 – 23:00 1: Yoosung, when do you go to bed? 2: You didn’t. 3: That sounds good. 4: Please contact them asap. 5: (any) 6: Hello Zen ^^ 7: You really owe V your life. 8: I don’t really care about looks. 9: Invite them! 10: lolol That’s interesting. Good night ^^

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Day 4 – 15:00 1: Hey! It’s the handsome Zen. 2. It’s a serious problem. What do we do? Everyone’s eyes will freeze. 3: Yoosung, are you not going to play games? 4: lol Not bad 5: Not my type. 6: Because you’re crazy. 7: lmao 8: Being wild is important! 9: Honestly, it’s hard to understand. 10: No wonder you’re so subjective, Jaehee 11: No, I love it. 12: Now I know the true meaning of beauty. 13: Beautiful Zen, good practice and see you later 14: I want to practice with Zen… 15: I think it would be fun to invite them. 16: Hurry up Jaehee. Day 4 – 19:18 1: Yoosung, did you take a break from playing games? 2: We’ll see… ^^ 3: Yeah, lolololol doesn’t think it’s possible 4: (any) 5: You’ll never have a girlfriend so just enjoy life. 6: Jaehee, you’re not… 7: Invite them to the party. 8: I guess cats are quite time consuming. 9: Jaehee… I guess it’s really hard? 10: Zen, talk to you later ^^ Day 4 – 22:00 1: It’s getting late… 2: I think he’s playing a game lol 3: How dare he escape from LOLOL’s evil plans so easily. 4: (any) 5: Oh, it’s Seven. 6: (any) 7: What kind of logic is that? 8: It’s petty 222 9: I don’t get it either 10: The image of a hypocrite 11: (any) 12: Yeah. Don’t follow Seven. 13: Honestly, I was expecting him to start over. 14: I thought you went to another city, not France. What are French? 15: It’s haughty. 16: Zen, you have your own charm. 17: I can’t understand how you can like cats so much. 18: Should I invite them to the party? 19: -_- 20: So childish. 21: Zen, are you going to stay here? 22: Let’s talk again, Zen ^^ Day 4 – 23:15 1: (any) 2: I think you more worthy? 3: (any) 4: The LOLOL… What about inviting them to the party? 5: Zen, how was your training session? 6: I have fun. 7: (any) 8: (any) 9: Talk to you tomorrow ^^ Now go? Back to Mystic Messenger tutorial Back to Zen character center

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